Tuesday, July 15, 2014


One of the best things I have done in publishing is the series of Swallow and Sparrow art books published by IDW. The series were just plain fun to do, no rules, just what we liked, and I miss that, so Im going to start a new series called Starling, which is for all intent and purposes is Sparrow but due to the larger size ( 8"x8") and no page amount restrictions, I'm starting a-new with the newname.

Im hoping to introduce new unseen artists with bodies of work, and revisit the artists I have always enjoyed. Of course the hardest part is knowing whats out there, so Im hoping you guys can send names of artists you like and think need a Starling, or even you ARTISTS who think you should have a Starling. Dont send zipz or anything apart from medium sized jpegs, or I wont get to see them!

Send your STARLING mail to tattoobot@gmail.com

There is no genre im not interested in, so bring it on and make this series a proud successor to Swallow and Sparrow!

To start it off, im going to do the first book as its a good way to get the wrinkles ironed out without risking anyone elses work. Should be around December, and ill post all the info right here when its available!